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The code of ethics

A. Tive Engineering is committed to conducting its business honestly, fairly and with strict adherence to ethical behavior. The company believes that consistent ethical behavior without compromise is of crucial importance for gaining the trust of customers, business partners, suppliers and employees, and is a key to the existence of the company and its success in the long term.

This document describes the principles of ethical behavior in the company, and details its policies in relevant areas.
The company expects every employee to behave in accordance with the code of ethics, as detailed in this document. Beyond legal obligation, every employee of the company is required to meet high standards of ethical behavior on the personal and business level when performing their duties. Such behavior requires the demonstration of honesty, reliability and integrity in all areas of his occupation and in all his contacts with other employees, with the company and its owners, with customers and suppliers, with the public, with the business community and with government and public bodies.
Ethical behavior policy
First and foremost -
Compliance with the law
The company's policy is to comply with the laws used in the State of Israel, and the international laws concerning the company or the management of its business in every country where it provides services. Beyond the legal obligation to obey the law, the company also aims to lead and set an example for other companies, as a result of its sense of social responsibility.
A. Ethical behavior in the field between the company and its employees
Respect for employees
Every employee enjoys basic fundamental rights and must be treated with respect, equality and appreciation. Every employee is entitled to freedom of thought, conscience, religion and expression of opinion as long as he does not harm the feelings or rights of other employees.
The company is committed to giving every employee and every candidate to be an employee an equal opportunity in all areas of work, in appointment to positions and professional promotion. The company prohibits discrimination based on age, race, sect, gender, religion, disability, sexual preference, marital status or political opinion.
The company respects the right to privacy of all its employees, customers and suppliers, and takes extra care in handling personal information, storing it and preventing its distribution to ensure privacy.
The company's employees must avoid any kind of rude, violent or threatening behavior towards other employees of the company, in particular sexual harassment and physical or verbal violence, and any activity that may cause an insulting, offensive or hostile atmosphere.
Use of company assets
La. Teib Engineering material, business, commercial and other assets. Any use of the company's assets will be done legally and ethically, and solely for the purpose of promoting the company's business, as follows:
Material assets - all material assets such as products, protection and testing equipment, furniture and office equipment will be used exclusively to promote the company's business activities. Their integrity and integrity must be maintained and they must not be used for private needs, they must not be given or lent to others and they must not be sold or disposed of without permission.
Confidential information and intellectual property - A. Taib Engineering recognizes the importance of the subject of intellectual property and the need to maintain the confidentiality of information. A. Taib Engineering and its employees will take all the necessary steps to preserve and enhance the intellectual property of the company, and will avoid any harm to the intellectual property rights of other companies.
The company's employees will refrain from accessing confidential or confidential information of the company and from using this type of information, unless the information is necessary for them to fulfill their duties. Also, the employees will refrain from passing on the information to others, during their work at the company or afterwards, unless they have received permission from the company. This prohibition also applies to confidential information and intellectual property of other companies with which A.Taib Engineering has signed a contract or a non-disclosure agreement (NDA).
Computer and communication systems - the company's computer and communication systems, which include personal computers, software and communication networks, will be used for the company's needs only. Do not use these systems to access, retrieve, send, distribute, display, store, or print information that is intended to mislead, harass, defame, or threaten, or information that contains obscene, racist, pornographic material, or any information that is inconsistent with with legal, professional and ethical behavior.

Implementation of the policy
This document applies to all employees of the company and obligates them in all aspects of their activities in the company, including making decisions concerning trade, investments, customers, partners, subcontractors, suppliers, and in any matter related to their occupation in the company.
This document applies to all the company's activities in all the countries where it provides services. It is possible that in certain circumstances a question of interpretation of this document will arise, and especially in countries where there is a difference between the local requirements and practices and the international standards. A.Tive Engineering will do its best to solve any problem regarding ethics, law, environment and human rights that arises from an apparent discrepancy between local practices and the requirements of this document.
B. Ethical behavior in the field between the company and its employees
business decency
The company's success depends on its ability to outperform its competitors. However, not all means are suitable for achieving the goal, and even under the constraints of tough competition, one must conduct oneself fairly, honestly and strictly following the rules of ethics.
The company has a reputation as a decent, fair and honest company and in order to continue to maintain the company's good name among customers, partners, competitors and the public, every employee is obliged to continue to adhere to the following principles of conduct:
Fairness towards customers - customers and partners must be treated equally and fairly. If a conflict arises in the market between several partners or customers, it must be resolved on the basis of honesty and fairness, while maintaining the company's long-term interest

Honesty and trust - customers, partners, the press or the public must not be given incorrect information about the company, its technologies, its products and their quality, about schedules (for planning or execution) and other business aspects, with the aim of deceiving or misrepresenting.
Fair competition - do not spread false, misleading or defamatory information about competitors and their businesses on issues such as their stability, their financial liquidity, their skill, the quality of their products or their reliability as a supplier. Misuse of competitors' trade secrets or classified business information must be avoided.
Avoiding corruption in business
A. Taib Engineering and its employees undertake not to give or accept a bribe, not to offer or accept a bribe offer, not to give or accept any payment that is illegal, open and ethical, and to refrain from any corrupt business activity.
A. Taib Engineering and its employees will do their best to work only with suppliers and subcontractors who manage their business honestly, fairly, according to the law, who avoid corruption and adhere to ethical behavior.

conflict of interests
When making decisions or executing them, consider only the good of society as a whole, and avoid considerations of personal or group benefit or considerations arising from personal relationships. Also, activities that may create a conflict of interest between the employee and the company must be avoided.

Every employee of the company will comply with what is stated in this document and will act in its spirit. Questions and clarifications regarding the meaning or application of any clause in the document can be directed to the direct manager or Gil Taib.
Every manager in the company must make sure that the employees under him are aware of the code of ethics and comply with it. This responsibility also includes informing and training employees to ensure knowledge and understanding of the code. A manager, who learns of the violation of the code by one of the employees under him, will immediately report it to one of the vice presidents of the company.
Violation of the code of ethics may result in disciplinary measures being taken against the violating employee, including dismissal, and/or legal measures being taken against him.
Handling complaints about the violation of the ethical code
Any report or complaint about a violation of this code of ethics can be directed to Gil Taib, who is in charge of complaints in the company.
Each report will be examined thoroughly and sensitively, while maintaining absolute confidentiality.
A. Taib Engineering, its employees and managers will not fire, suspend, threaten, harass, discriminate against, take revenge or take any disciplinary measures against an employee who reported the violation of the code of ethics by another employee. On the other hand, the company may take disciplinary measures against an employee who gave a report that did not Knowingly true and not in good faith.
Questions and suggestions for changes
Questions, comments and suggestions for changes should be directed to Gil Taib.

This document will be distributed to all company employees and new employees will receive a copy upon being hired. 

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