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Designing Steel & Concrete Construction

Designing Steel & Concrete Construction

Designing Steel & Concrete Construction

E. Taieb Engineering specializes in designing and managing the most professional, precise and cost-effective engineering solutions for its clientele.

The company specializes in designing reinforced concrete and steel constructions according to binding standards under the Planning and Building Law.

We are known as experts in thin-walled constructions for heavy storage industrial steel construction from carbon and stainless steel.

Concrete mixtures for special cases in harsh working conditions and extreme temperature differences.

Here are several sample projects: A slag pit for a steel smelting plant, acid pools, floors and foundations for chemical installations, and skeletons (columns and beams) for buildings that require withstanding an aggressive/corrosive atmosphere in the industry.

E. Taieb Engineering tries to save on the quantities by choosing quality materials and using complex cuts, e.g., thin decks instead of reinforced iron \ a beam cross-section consisting of a lower steel beam (in the tension zone) and part of a concrete ceiling in the prestressed area.

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