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Building Restoration Design

Building Restoration Design

Building Restoration Design

E. Taieb Engineering has extensive experience in designing the restoration of construction work in reinforced concrete, steel, prestressed concrete and other materials.

The company specializes in industrial, public, and residential buildings.

We have contacts and relationships with manufacturers and importers of restoration materials from various countries to choose the right compound of materials.

These materials range from powders and adhesives to cement mixtures to glass, carbon and plastic fibers.

The job is designed with the help of temporary supports and sometimes makes it possible to carry out rehabilitation without stopping the process, e.g., thickening of walls at the Rotem Amfert plant, steel construction at Facility 20 at Rotem, the addition of a cooling tower at Facility 10 at Rotem, pillars of dangerous residential buildings in Lod - with minimal harm to the welfare of the residents.

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