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Geological and Soil Consultation

Geological and Soil Consultation

Geological and Soil Consultation

E. Taieb Engineering specializes in designing and managing professional, precise, and cost-effective engineering solutions for its clientele.

Since 1995, the company has been providing multidisciplinary engineering services with an emphasis on coordination between the various design and planning fields.

The company has a design team with broad knowledge and experience in soil consulting and geoengineering design.

Our company offers:

• Statutory planning – preparation of geological-seismic appendices to the zoning plans.

• Planning and conducting land surveys – for land consulting and construction and geoengineering opinions.

• Production of soil reports based on drillings and laboratory test results - recommendations will be submitted for the design of foundations, ballasts, and substrates for buildings, roads, and infrastructures.

• Foundational design for engineering facilities, ground-support structures, and stability of slopes regarding industrial and public buildings, roads and drainage arrays.

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