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The Project: 

At the Naot Hovav site of "Adama Makhteshim," 

There is a biological facility for the treatment of industrial wastewater. The facility is MBR (), with membranes designed to filter effluent from the sludge. In the event of a malfunction, a quarter of the site's wastewater treatment output is shut down for a long time. Therefore, it was decided to carry out a preliminary project to examine alternatives to the solutions and their costs. Consequently, the customer decided to add two external membrane chambers to increase the system's redundancy.

The benefit to the client:

By the nature of the project, it had to be completed before the rainy season. E. Taieb Engineering's many years of experience in complex projects, including management, planning in various professions, handling the receipt of permits in the various authorities and procurement, contributed to executing such a project within a tight schedule and a limited budget.


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