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The Essence of Project: Addition of a new powder production line to the existing plant

Our company performed the following:

* General structure location planning and architecture, floors and foundation, maneuvering, traffic, water systems, sewage, roof drainage from storage surfaces and roads, and firefighting piping.

* Design of steel constructions according to the binding standards of the Planning and Building Law in Israel, including contracting with LB from Italy, the supplier of equipment for integration and adaptation.

* Verification of existing systems in the factory and verification of facades of existing industrial buildings in the factory to obtain the necessary permits.

* Physical planning of operational roads inside and outside the factory with the approval of the Traffic Committee and the Israel Police.

* Preparation of a new submission plan.

* Performing static calculations and area calculations.

* Design of construction and floating foundations (rafts) for raw materials and finished material containment systems weighing thousands of tons.


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