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Eliyahu Ohion

Director of the Human Resources and Placement Department

Eliyahu holds a BA in Industrial and Public Management and an MA in Industrial Management.

Over the past four decades, Eliyahu has acquired extensive experience in personnel system management.

His experience includes employee head-hunting, screening, recruitment and placement. Starting from engineering professionals such as technicians, practical engineers (PE) and licensed engineers, secretaries, clerks, purchasing and contract specialists, and including day laborers, metalworkers, electricians, and tool operators.

He is also well-versed in administrative management, including analyzing work reports, payroll preparation, manager insurance, pension and retirement funds, and is knowledgeable in subjects relating to employee training, culture and welfare.

For the past two decades, he has lectured at various colleges and universities and conducted workshops and study days regarding labor laws, work laws, contracts, companies, and the like.

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