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Amir Gerti

Plumbing and drainage engineer

Amir is a graduate of the Technion's Faculty of Civil and Environmental Engineering.

He serves our company as a plumbing and drainage engineer with extensive experience in the following fields and applications:

  • Planning, preparing, and consulting on plans of various scopes and stages in aspects of water, sewage and drainage systems.
  • Designs surface and underground drainage systems for concrete plants\quarries\ municipalities, various councils, and gas stations
  • Sealing installations, including containment
  • Designs water supply systems for industry, including      pressure amplification systems.
  • Designs intercity transmission lines
  • Designs municipal systems, including connections to Mekorot
  • Statutory coordination with the Water Authority/The Administration for the Development of Sewage      Infrastructure/ Regional Water and Sewage Corporations
  • Approves programs in regional health bureaus vis-à-vis the Ministry of Environmental Protection
  • Approves local wastewater treatment plants by the      competent authorities.
  • Designs of gravitational transmission and pressure      systems of various magnitudes
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